Frequently Asked Questions

About The Western North Carolina Orchid Society And Our Marvelous Plants!



What happens at a meeting?

Typically we start off welcoming new members and visitors (that’d be you!) and then make any announcements regarding upcoming events. Next, it’s show-and-tell time – yes, just like back in grade school. You will notice a side table full of our members' beautiful blooming orchids. Each member describes where they got what they brought, how they care for it and how they got it to bloom. It’s a fantastic way to immediately see what is being grown right here in WNC and to whet your appetite to get started in orchid ownership yourself.

At most meetings, we have a guest speaker give a presentation about his or her orchid field of interest. Some are internationally known, and all are a fountain of knowledge about their particular subject area – a great way to satisfy any orchid questions you still have. We finish the meeting with a raffle featuring live orchids and orchid growing supplies!


“Orchid Society” sounds snooty!

The name is just a carry-over from olden times before the term “club” came into more common use. Besides, wouldn’t you rather belong to the Western North Carolina Orchid Society than a “flower club”? Plus, in a society where many people no longer know their neighbors' names and struggle to find a sense of community, we think there's a real charm to joining an down to earth  "society" in our chaotic modern world.

I bet the Orchid Society members are all experts with green thumbs and greenhouses!

Au contraire! Our members comprise every level of expertise from brown-thumb beginners to accomplished orchid growers. One of the benefits of our group is that we represent the entire spectrum of orchid plant knowledge from those just getting interested in orchids to growers who have been propagating orchids for years. We share our knowledge (or lack thereof) at regular meetings and events all year long. We just all have one thing in common; we love orchids!


I’d be too shy to go to a meeting where everybody else knows each other. I’d be a stranger!

Not to worry! We absolutely love new members and welcome them with open arms (and blooms). Just show up to one of our monthly meetings and see what goes on--you can be as involved or uninvolved as you like. And hey, there might be gift plants waiting for you!  




Orchids are rare.

No! They are one of the most prolific categories of plants on earth with over 20,000 species of every size, color, shape, and habitat.


Orchids are delicate.

No again! Orchids grow in every climate and condition from tropical rain forests to sub-arctic snow-lands.


Orchids don’t last.

On the contrary! Many orchids are extremely long-lasting, with blooms that keep for several months at a time. Furthermore, orchids can live decades and most will bloom once a year or more with proper care.


Orchids are expensive.

There is an orchid for every budget. While an ordinary bouquet of flowers may last a week, an orchid in bloom can give weeks or even months of viewing pleasure, and then re-bloom again! We like to think of them as investments in happiness.

Orchids are difficult to care for.

Many orchids just need a moderately bright spot (they need to "see" sky, not sun) and a good watering only once a week. How hard is that? If you still find yourself struggling to get your orchids to thrive, just raise your hand and ask questions, or bring your sullen plants to one of our monthly meetings for a good ole fashioned plant checkup!