October 2018

Well, last month I thought I had mentioned my observation of fall arriving early. Now it seems like we can't shake off the summer heat, and our leaves aren't yet showing much color. I am ready for the fall season, and I hope you all are too. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country, hopefully we will still have a gorgeous fall leaf season.

Was hoping to hear you all had a great meeting with Jim France last month, as I was away speaking at a couple of IPA events in the northeast. While I was thoroughly enjoying myself in NH, NY, CT., etc. I am happy to report back to you guys that the WNCOS and our Asheville Orchid Festival are well known to the growers up in the NE. I spoke with several folks who have attended our festival, or have plans to make it down this way for our big event. I thought this was pretty cool, and wanted to mention this to you all. Our society has had great success and have become quite reputable in the world of orchids. Please become more active if you're new to the society, seek me out and let's talk about the different ways you can contribute. One thing that just jumps out at me is our need for continued development of orchid show exhibit installers, and removers. We've got a HUGE need of a volunteer(s) to remove our society table top exhibit, and bring it back home to WNC on November 11th. Graham Ramsey is going to do our installation earlier that week, but we are still looking for someone to drive to Durham, load everything up, and drive it back to Avl. Please see myself, Graham or any of your board members this Sunday to discuss logistics. Thank you!

Please allow me once again to remind you of the needs our society has moving forward in 2019! We are still looking for another new board member. Thank you to those of you who have "sat in" on recent board meetings to gain a feel for how we operate in our meetings. Our elections will take place in November, and the board of officers will soon be presenting you with their slate of officers and nominees. Our next 2 year term for these roles begins 1/1/19. Perhaps even more exciting than that is our need for someone to step up to take on the exciting role of "display chair". Primarily, leading and working with our team of members who support the overall concept, theme and design of the WNCOS display in the 21st annual, 2019 Asheville Orchid Festival. We have been so fortunate to have incredible folks heading this up over recent years, and the last couple of years have been exceptional. We've got some things in place here, however for 2019 we have not yet had a member sign up and commit to being the chair of this committee. This is your chance to become more involved, show off your creativity and do something super fun with our exhibit. Please speak to one of us at the field trip on Sunday, and let's discuss your skill set and interest level. Aside from these needs, we'll have plenty of opportunity for our members to become involved with our 2019 event.

I am certain you all are excited and ready to meet up with your WNCOS members at Looking Glass Orchids this Sunday. The last time we had a field trip to visit Russ Bolt at Looking Glass Orchids, we had an absolute blast! If you missed it, this is your chance for redemption. Russ has been working hard to prepare for our visit, and has his plants ready to go. He's even going to give everyone the rare opportunity to tour his 2nd greenhouse, so be sure not to miss the field trip on Sunday. Looking Glass Orchids has a vast array of orchids, all grown here and just about everything is for sale. If there's a specific plant you've been on the hunt for, chances are he's got it or can put you on to it. I've known Russ for 18 years and consider him a dear friend, a super guy and one hell of a grower. Come pick his brain about orchids, after all, he's been growing and breeding for decades!

No car-pooling has been set up by the society, so talk amongst yourselves if needed. He's got plenty of parking, so there will be no problems. Otherwise, we'll look forward to seeing everyone from 2-4pm this Sunday at Looking Glass Orchids in Pisgah Forest, NC. Russ will have some light snacks and water available to us all as well. We WILL NOT be meeting this Sunday at the Asheville Visitor Center. This is a local field trip, please meet us at Looking Glass Orchids.

Looking Glass Orchids
121 Orchid Heights Dr.
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

Thank you,

Mike Mims, WNCOS President