July 2015

Hello Everyone,

July Meeting
This month we host Francisco Miranda of Miranda Orchids who will be speaking to us on Brazilian native species and hybrid Cattleyas. This is the first time Francisco will be visiting us, and he comes with a very unique background. Here is some more detail to excite you…this is an opportunity no to be missed!

Miranda Orchids is an orchid nursery specializing in growing mainly selected Cattleya alliance species. Francisco and his wife are natives of Brazil and ran a flourishing orchid nursery there until 1986 when they moved to the U.S.A. Many of the plants now available are produced in their lab and nursery in Central Florida from their extensive collection of stud plants. The rest they bring from Brazil to increase variety and novelty. Being native Brazilians, and having had a nursery for many years, they know that there is a lot of development in Cattleya breeding being done there. This is mostly because a lot of those species are native to Brazil (including all the bifoliate cattleyas) and because these plants are favorites of growers there. Of course, having lived and grown orchids there they know most of the growers and what is being produced. They also go there several times a year to make sure they are always up-to-date on the latest trends.

Miranda Orchids also grows other Brazilian species so if you are looking for something in particular do not hesitate in contact them. Their goal is to be your number one source for select Brazilian Orchids.
Pre-Order Opportunity
Francisco is offering a pre-order opportunity from his website at: http://mirandaorchids.com/

I’ll apologize in advance as I know this newsletter is coming late and doesn’t provide you much time as Francisco will be leaving in just a few days for this speaking engagement swing so if you do want to pre-order jump on it immediately!

About this Month’s Native Orchid Feature
This month’s native orchid feature is the stunning Corallorhiza maculata, or spotted coralroot orchid. This orchid’s species name, maculata, means “spotted” and refers to the distinctly spotted flower parts. In our Southern Appalachians, the flowers are most commonly the golden straw color shown in the photo, but many are bronze in color and in other regions of North America they can display a rich earthy-red coloration. Plants of C. maculata are generally 8-12 inches tall.
Habitat for C. maculata is generally rather dry, mature, acidic woodlands and is often accompanied by rhododendron and mountain laurel. It generally blooms in mid-July through August depending on conditions, and elevation. It is generally common across our region, though not well known due to the camouflaged nature of it’s blooms and the dense shady cover that it prefers.

(The above information was excerpted from my favorite book on local orchids, Stanley L. Bentley’s Native Orchids of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and also from the North Carolina Native Plant Society website: www.ncwildflower.org)

Asheville Orchid Festival Planning Updates
April 14-17, 2016

As I said last month, one of the primary goals for taking on this task was to increase the impact of our show and to expose our members and friends in the region to a large variety of orchid growers. With that in mind, Mike Mims has been very hard at work securing the growers for this event. He has now nailed down the growers we’re inviting and you will have the opportunity to purchase from all of them (and to hear many of them speak)!

Growers joining us for the first time at the Asheville Orchid Festival:
Andy’s Orchids (California)
Orchids Limited, Jason Fisher (Minnesota)
Mr. Chen with Mainshow Orchids (Tiawan)
Ching Hua Orchids (Tiawan)
Peruflora (South America) tentative

I am pleased to say that all of our old friends are exited to return to our event as well:
BB Barnes
Marriott Orchids
Owens Orchids
Kool Logs
Ironwood Estate Orchids
Marble Branch Farms
Woodland Orchids

Plans for the event are moving fast…But I suggest planning now to take time off work, tell family you are out of contact, and make sure you are available for every second of the week’s activities.

A reminder that the board for this event consists of:
Brett Hopkins, Chair of the board
Mike Mims, Vendors and Speakers
Graham Ramsey, Fundraising and Promotions
Ralph Coffey, Hospitality and Transportation
Bob Hydzik, Registration
Stan Hutto, AOS Judging
Frank Smith, AOS Liaison
Beth Johnson, NC Arboretum Liaison

If you have have any questions about the event or if you wish to get involved (believe me there is PLENTY of opportunity) and help out get in touch with one of the board members listed above. Also, we’re actively seeking sponsors to help make this event a success so let us know if you know someone who wishes to support this event in any way!

I hope to see all of you the Meeting!

Brett Hopkins
WNCOS President

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