October 2015

This month we will be welcoming Peter Lin of Big Leaf Orchids. Details about Peter and Big Leaf are below. An opportunity to see Peter all the way from Texas does not come along often so be sure not to miss the opportunity!

About Peter Lin

 I am an avid orchid hobbyist and hybridizer,  I currently reside in North Texas and house over five thousand varieties orchids in my greenhouse. I was the newsletter editor of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance, I have written and published phalaenopsis articles to orchid societies and the Taiwan Orchid Show.   I grow primarily Phalaenopsis but keep some Cattleya, Vanda, and Paphipedilums. I have given and continue to provide presentations at various orchid societies.   

About Big Leaf Orchids

Peter started growing orchids over 30 years ago, he turned his orchid growing into hybridizing. He started the company Big Leaf Orchids in 1996, a family owned operation in Southlake, Texas that specializes in phalaenopsis orchids. Peter takes an annual trip to Taiwan to see in person the latest Phalaenopsis development, and to hand select new varieties to add to his hybridizing and for his customers.  Peter specialize in growing phalaenopsis because their flowers are long lasting, 2 to 3 months indoor and longer in a temperature controlled greenhouse. Peter has received numerous AOS awards, one of the most prestigious honors for orchids.  His other interest in Orchids include Vanda, Cattleya, and Paphipedilum.

September Annual Auction Results

Last month we held our semi-annual auction at the Arboretum. Paul Johnson did a spectacular job sourcing a greta diversity and quality of plants for the auction and then, along with his wife Jo Anne also produced the PowerPoint which was used as both a preview in advance onf the auction as well as for better viewing of the auction plants during the auction. Bob Hydzik stepped up and worked his spreadsheet magic creating a new and improved sales tracking system for us which made checking out at the end of the auction a breeze (a feature Cristie Suprina really appreciated as she managed that aspect)!
Last but not least, Frank Salvo returned as our auctioneer after a few years hiatus and kept the crowd engaged for a fantastic outcome! The society was able to profit approximately $1500…and remember that all of our proceeds go directly to supporting the speakers, shows, and other activities that we all enjoy throughout the year. thanks to everyone who came out to help make our auction a success


Asheville Orchid Festival Update

Plans continue to fall into place nicely. October 1 represented the day that all vendors were required to have paid for their sales booths. We did receive most, but not all payments. This was expected on our part as we were dealing with international vendors and we were requiring payment much earlier than normal to support our publicity activities. Those that are outstanding Mike is chasing and we really don’t have any major concerns over those. I should be able to publish a complete list in next month’s newsletter.  

Advertising and Features
Julie McMillan has written a fantastic article on all the reasons to visit Asheville that is to appear in the November issue of AOS’ Orchids magazine along with the debut of our first full page advertisement, which will run monthly November through April.

Current Regular Vendors
Marble Branch Farms
Kool Logs
Ironwood Estate
BB Barns
Owens Orchids
Current New and International Vendors
Chin Hua Orchids – Taiwan
Peruflora – Brazil
Mainshow Orchids – Taiwan

Graham has been hard a t work gathering significant sponsorship funds to make the event a success! 
Platinum Sponsors
Orchiata/ Sphagmoss
Gold Sponsors
Appalachian Tropicals
Silver Sponsors
Biltmore Estate

Plans for the event are moving fast…But I suggest planning now to take time off work, tell family you are out of contact, and make sure you are available for every second of the week’s activities. 

A reminder that the committee for this event consists of:
Brett Hopkins, Chair
Mike Mims, Vendors and Speakers
Graham Ramsey, Fundraising and Promotions
Ralph Coffey, Hospitality and Transportation
Bob Hydzik, Registration
Stan Hutto, AOS Judging
Frank Smith, AOS Liaison
Beth Johnson, NC Arboretum Liaison

If you have have any questions about the event or if you wish to get involved (believe me there is PLENTY of opportunity) and help out get in touch with one of the board members listed above.  Also, we’re actively seeking sponsors to help make this event a success so let us know if you know someone who wishes to support this event in any way!