February 2019

Happy February everyone!

Even though it’s not feeling much like winter, we’re still months away from spring and now 8 weeks away from installation of the 2019 Asheville Orchid Festival ‘An Orchid Expedition’. Several of us have been very busy over recent weeks as we nail down our vendors, exhibitors and associated details for this huge event. While we always have an incredible orchid festival, one objective I’ve got this year is to expose as many people as possible to our love of orchids.  We have a goal of setting record attendance and showing everyone a wonderful time! Through our collaborative efforts, we hope to continue to promote our festival, the WNCOS and of course our partnership with our friends at the NC Arboretum. Please join in with us as we try to create as much buzz about the 2019 Asheville Orchid Festival! We’ll be sharing more details about the big event this weekend at our monthly meeting, so I hope to see everyone on Sunday!

Very sorry to have missed Linda Wilhelm’s program on the oncidium alliance and their culture, I hear it was a very good meeting. Maui was absolutely incredible!  I was able to take a very impressive orchid tour at The Exotic Orchids of Maui and made some new friends. The weather and water could not have been better, and my time in the water with the manta rays and humpback whales was very special. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Hawaii, take it!

Our February 10th WNCOS meeting program will have plenty to offer everyone from the novice, to the expert. Plan to get down and dirty with Vice President, Graham Ramsey as he plans to do some hands-on orchid repotting. He will be discussing everything from what pot to use, what medium is best, and everything in between. This will be the perfect time to ask all those repotting questions you’ve been wanting to ask. Remember, all orchids must be repotted sooner or later. So, grab a friend and come join us in what will definitely be loads of fun and entertainment.

Additionally, we’ll answer all your questions this Sunday regarding the upcoming Festival. We will begin to pass around some sign-up sheets where you all can sign up to volunteer and be involved in the festival. If you’ve not yet been to one of our orchid festivals, you’re in for a real treat as it has become one of the most premier orchid events in the country. But, it takes tons of work and all of our members to step up and be involved in some volunteer capacity or another. One easy thing you all should be doing now as we head toward the big event in April, is to be staking and prepping your plants. Spikes are emerging everywhere now, especially on your phals and paphs. Stake those spikes, train them early and put yourself in position with your plants to be considered for ribbons and awards! This is one big area Graham will be discussing with us on Sunday, and it is critical to the success of our exhibit. Believe me, we need everyone’s orchids when it’s show time!

Looking ahead to March, your past Vice President Bob Hydzik will be presenting a brand new program he is currently working on regarding a subset of Cattleya species and FCC awards given to them by the American Orchid Society.  Our March meeting was initially left open to serve as an Asheville Orchid Festival prep meeting, and it will be. However, Bob is stepping up and has an exciting new program to share with us all. I’ve just been starting to grow a few catts myself and am really looking forward to his new program. Bob has ventured out in to the AOS Judging Program which is incredibly exciting, and with this comes a lot of homework. Please show some support to Bob as he has done a lot for the WNCOS and is doing wonderful things!

Here’s our member meeting schedule for 2019, at a glance…

February 10th Graham Repotting Your Orchids...It's Not Rocket Science

March 10th Asheville Orchid Festival Prep meeting and WNCOS Member, Bob Hydzik presents a brand new program on Cattleya Species and FCC awards

April 14th Bill Thoms - Bulbophyllum Culture

May 12th TBA

June 9th Little Frog Farms - Growing Under LED Lights 

July 14th Carolinas Judging Center - Supplemental AOS Judging with program (TBA)

August 11th TBA

September 8th Keith Davis - Orchid Growing Tricks and Tips 

October 13th TBA

November 10th Annual Meeting - Program TBA

December 8th Holiday Social - Location TBA

Mike Mims

WNCOS President