Final Orchid Festival Details

Welcome to the 2019 Asheville Orchid Festival 'An Orchid Expedition', held April 5-7, 2019. We are anticipating a record crowd this year for a couple reasons, as well as expecting to see the largest number of plants we've ever had on exhibit in our festival. The quality of the plants and all exhibits are anticipated to be strong, and we appreciate all the efforts of everyone participating which ultimately results in an exceptional overall festival. We look forward to seeing you all and celebrating 'An Orchid Expedition.' Please read the details below carefully to help your experience at Asheville Orchid Festival be a success!

Plant Registration

Due to the scale of this event, we ask that you please understand our challenges and you make every effort to submit your exhibit registration as early as possible. Consider that if you send it in early, and have some final adjustments we can handle this on site. This still is helpful to us. Attached below are printable copies of the AOS registration rules and our registration spreadsheet. PLEASE use the spreadsheet. Send your completed registration to WNCOS AOF Registration Chair, Grace Ide.

Please remember, installation day is Thursday, April 4th beginning at 9am and ending at 5pm. You must thoroughly review our festival rules and the class schedule document and be sure to send us your registration ahead of time if at all possible. Please consider printing off a copy of the rules and classes schedule for yourselves and maintain it with you. All exhibits must be registered NO LATER than 2pm on Thursday, April 4th. Should you have special needs or circumstances, please contact us, Registration Chair Grace Ide and Festival Chairman Mike Mims to discuss and resolve. 

North Carolina Arboretum Parking Passes & Entry

On arrival to the North Carolina Arboretum, please pull up to the gate house, kindly share with them that you’re a vendor or an exhibitor participating in the festival and that you're on this VIP list. Give them your name, and who you are representing and they will confirm it on their list they're maintaining in the gate house. You should then be given 2 things by the gate guard. You’ll receive a parking pass with a bar code label on it, along with a half sheet of green paper with parking instructions for the entirety of the festival dates. You are to leave the green sheet on your dash and the parking pass some place secure as you do NOT want to lose it. Treat this parking pass like it's a $50 bill please. Do not lose it! I'd also like to share with you that any AOS member with a current AOS membership card gets in to the Arboretum free by presenting this to the gate guard. If you do not need one of the bar coded parking passes because you have an AOS membership card, please decline it when the gate guard hands it to you. 

Thursday you may pull up to the cul-de-sac in front of the Education Center for unloading of your plants and supplies. You MAY NOT leave your vehicles here for any great length of time. Our team of volunteers are available to assist you and to safely & quickly get all your belongings inside the building. At your earliest convenience we ask that you then move your vehicle to the parking lot. Please respect this policy as we have more vehicles pulling up to the cul-de-sac than ever before this year and space is limited. 

You may park in the main parking lot on Thursday & Friday. However, ALL WNCOS members, exhibitors, vendors and volunteers MUST park in the Operations Center Parking Lot on Saturday and Sunday. The gate guard and campus police will direct you to this parking lot. Here you will find free, wonderful shuttle service to the front door of the Education Center and back to your vehicle. During the weekend, it is imperative that we leave the main parking lot open for the paying patrons who are coming to enjoy the festival and support us. Please respect the policy and play along nicely. No need to tip the shuttle driver, but a kind thank you goes a long way.