July 2018

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Welcome to the Asheville Orchid Festival

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July 8th, Paul Storm of Meke Aloha Orchids
"Schomburgkia Orchid Expert"

Summer is in full swing, and I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! I celebrated in strong fashion with my family and had an excellent day, always one of my most favorite days of the year. I'm back from Italy, Sicily and London, where we had an unbelievable time. Hoping you all enjoyed Sergio Garcia last meeting, and I look forward to speaking with all of you this upcoming Sunday at our July members meeting.

Will be prepared for show and tell this month as phalaenopsis bellina season is well under way! This might just be my personal, best season yet as it appears I have more flowering plants and selections of this incredible species. Bellina, violacea and their fragrant hybrids are what I collect, breed and enjoy. So, I always look forward to bringing some of these examples in over the course of the summer and fall months. I'll encourage all of you to bring in a flowering orchid for show and tell, it's how we all learn and get to know other friends within the society and what we all like to grow at home. And of course, you receive a free raffle ticket for your efforts!

Sunday afternoon, 2pm downtown at our usual meeting space at the Avl Visitor Center, special guest Paul Storm! Details found below...

Mike Mims, WNCOS President