June 2018

Well gang, it's finally June and although we've all been feeling soggy, the sun is out today and summer is about here. Schools are about to release all the kids for the year, folks are starting to travel and our orchids are all sucking up all this heat and humidity. Have you completed all your repotting this spring? I have not, however most everything that's in fresh potting mix are thriving and rooting in beautifully. Phalaenopsis bellina and violacea season is kicking off now, and for those of you who know me understand that this is my favorite time of the "orchid seasons"! I'm hoping for and anticipating my best season yet, with my most extensive bellina collection I've ever had. I can smell the sweet fragrance of borneo every day, and it is just so sweet!

Hoping you all are enjoying your late spring flowers, or perhaps your early summer blooms, and I wish you all a fabulous summer here in Asheville. Regrettably, I will miss our exciting meeting on June 10th as I will be traveling through Italy for a couple of weeks. Am hoping to see some native orchids, soak up the Italian summer sun, and of course fully indulge in the arts, their cuisine and bottles and bottles of excellent vino!

Mike Mims, WNCOS President