January I 2016

This month marks a significant shift on our planning activities for the fast approaching 2016 Asheville Orchid Festival. To this point the majority of activities has organizing all of the structural details of the event and getting all the venue, sponsorship, schedule, and registration  systems in place. With the arrival of January we are now only 3 months away from one of the most exciting orchid events in North America in many years…and it is all happening right here in Asheville (some journalist is probably placing it on some best of list as we speak)! What this means for you as a member, is that you are now going to see a lot of details and information about the event…and the volunteer sign-ups to support it are going to kick into high gear! More details later in this newsletter and at Sunday’s meeting


We look forward to seeing all of you there!


This month’s speaker will be our good friend Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids. We all know Hadley from his years of support and participation in our annual show, and this month we’re bringing him up to Asheville during his peak bloom season to talk to us and share a sales table full of top notch Paphiopedilum orchids! Hadley is recognized as one of the top orchid breeders in the country, specializing in Paphiopedilums.  Marriott Orchids has received over 250 awards from the American Orchid Society, including ten FCC’s (First Class Certificate’s). He has also had five crosses awarded an AQ – (Award of Quality). This award is designed to recognize hybridizing excellence in producing a cross of exceptional merit. Hadley will speak on growth and culture of complex bulldog Paphiopedilum crosses. Hadley is always entertaining and knowledgeable so be sure not to miss this event!




The event website for the Asheville Orchid Festival is has been live since November. It now has full registration, schedules, and all other details of the event so be sure to head on over to the Asheville Orchid Festival Website and check it out.

The Show committee has finalized the benefits package for all WNCOS members for the Festival this year. These details are as follows:

– The Show and Sale at the Arboretum will be free to all members
– The Preview Party (on Thursday evening) will be free to all WNCOS members.
– WNCOS Members receive free shuttle bus service between the Hilton and the NC Arboretum
– 4 hours of volunteer service will entitle a member to a free single day admission (day of your choice), a $45 value.
– 8 hours of volunteer service will entitle a members to a free full event pass, a $99 value* Please note that admission to the Gala Banquet, and other meal events will require paid registration to partake in those events regardless of volunteer hours spent. This is due to the direct costs to the society for each additional person attending.* Also not that you will need to make a specific request to the Festival Committee in order to receive the free benefits. We will have to validate your volunteer hours and manually enter your registration into the system in order to avoid charges. More details on this will be provided as we get close to the event.

There will be a significant increase in the need for volunteers to help staff all of the activities planned for the Festival. To facilitate this increase, we have created an online volunteer sign-up to allow all of our members to see what volunteer opportunities are available, and to sign up for the ones that best suit you. This system will allow us to better communicate to you all of the volunteer opportunities, it will send you reminders a couple days before your volunteer commitments, and it will allow us to track where we need additional support as we get close to the event.