March I 2015

Hello Everyone,

It’s a busy month with a lot to cover so let’s dive right in…

Meeting Space Update
The board has been actively seeking a new meeting location for future gatherings. We currently have 2 great options and are in final negotiations so we will be able to make an announcement at the March Meeting and in the next newsletter. Stay tuned for details.

Show Update
The Annual show at the Arboretum is fast approaching (March 26th is installation day). Show Chair Graham Ramsey will be covering last minute details at this month’s meeting and we’ll be circulating the volunteer lists one last time…make sure you think about what tasks you would enjoy helping out with and get your name on the list. The show is always a fun and exciting activity so make sure you spend as much time as possible immersed in the event!

Download and print the poster, then hang it up and spread the word at work, the grocery store, fitness center, and anywhere else that has a community bulletin board!

March Meeting
Graham Ramsey will be presenting “Who’s Your Daddy? – What does all that information on your orchid’s tag really mean?”. He will be discussing not only how to decipher your orchid tags complex details, but also will demonstrate how to use OrchidWiz to research the genetic lineage and cultural details of pretty much any orchid you can imagine. OrchidWiz is a computerized encyclopedia of orchid knowledge and an invaluable resource for information on growing orchids. The Society has a license to the program to support our annual show, but we haven’t made the best use of it outside that activity. Graham’s intent is to show you just how much information is available in OrchidWiz so that you know what can be found. We will make the Society’s program available to you at future meetings, and Graham will also be talking about a group purchase of the program at a discount rate so you can have a copy of your own at home.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Brett Hopkins
WNCOS President

Consider WNCOS for your next Charitable Donation
WNCOS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, 100% of your donation to the Society is tax deductible. Please consider WNCOS in your charitable giving and help us continue to deliver the highest quality speakers, orchid education, and community outreach so that we can continue to prosper and spread the joy of orchids for many years to come.