March II 2015



The show is now upon us…Display installation starts Wednesday. Registration and plant installation is on Thursday. And the Best Orchid Show in the Southeast kicks off on Friday morning with ribbon and AOS judging!

When should you bring your orchids to the Arboretum?
Registration day is on Thursday and we would like you to bring plants (with their list) in as early as possible, any time after 9:00 AM, but before noon. If you can’t bring your orchids in on Thursday, we will be there all day Wednesday setting up and you can bring them then. If those options still don’t work or you have any other questions, call Graham Ramsey at 828-691-1121.

Orchid Magazines: If you have back issues of any Orchid related magazines that you would like to get rid of bring them with you and we’ll hand them out to attract potential new members during the show.

Volunteers: A few days ago I sent out the latest volunteer lists. Take a look and see if you can help in any of the areas we are still light on staffing…or if you find yourself at the show just jump right in and help where you see a need.

Our publicity committee has been working overtime this year and you’ll find the WNCOS Orchid Show featured prominently on Television (WLOS-13 morning show), in numerous magazines and newspapers, and at all the local businesses that donated to our raffle table. Turnout for our show this year is set to break previous records so make sure you come out and are a part of it!

Download and print the poster, then hang it up and spread the word at work, the grocery store, fitness center, and anywhere else that has a community bulletin board!