April 2015

Our Next Meeting is Sunday 12 April at 2 PM at Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center, 36 Montford Ave., Asheville, NC 28801
Hello Everyone,

Meeting Space Change
A reminder that our meeting location has changed. We will now be meeting at the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center at 36 Montford Avenue in Downtown Asheville. The meeting room is on the second floor with stairway and elevator access. It is a great space and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there! (download directions here) (http://wncos.org/about/)

WNCOS Annual Show Wrap-up
Another Annual show at the Arboretum has passed and what a show it was. Show Chair Graham Ramsey, along with a small army of supporting chairs and volunteers delivered what I think can arguably be considered the best show we’ve ever delivered! There are so many ways to measure this I don’t have room for them all but here are a few:
* Attendance felt like the heaviest ever – no official results from the Arboretum as yet.
* We had a record breaking number of AOS judges (more than 20) attend our show! We only need 5 for an official show, the rest came just be a part of our show!
* We had the President and Vice President of the AOS, and the Head of the AOS Judging committee in attendance….not bad for a little regional show from Western North Carolina!
* Raffle Table sales exceeded all previous shows setting a new record just shy of $4000 in income!
* The AOS has asked WNCOS to consider hosting their 2016 Spring Members Meeting, an international Orchid event…more details to come!

None of this could have been possible without the tireless efforts and plant entries of our members. You are the reason we are the best orchid show in the Southeast! This is the moment my job as President becomes impossible because I simply cannot list everyone who deserves a thank you for their support and assistance during the show. There are a few highlights, however, that I will note, and then ask them to take a moment to thank all the people who supported them:
* Graham Ramsey for chairing this show for more years than anyone should ever be asked to do…without his endless dedication the show simply would not exist
* Randy Latta, along with his volunteers, cannot be thanked enough as his tireless and over the top efforts as chair of the raffle table make it possible for us to afford quality, interesting, and entertaining speakers throughout the rest of the year!
* Cristie Suprina, I think you were the Publicity Chair, but everywhere I looked throughout the planning and execution process you seemed to be right in the middle of it!
* Leslie Keller and Sandra Best for creating yet another brilliantly executed show display.
* Clark Merrill for leading the charge in coordinating the best art display I’ve ever seen at the show…her efforts even generated a sale and a healthy commission check for the society!
* Axel Graumann for the coordination of catering and hospitality throughout the weekend
* The orchid registration team led by Mike Mims, Bob Hydzik, Marc Burchette, (along with myself)…we’ve got this process down to a science!
* Everyone who manned the New Member sign-up table throughout the show…we signed up a number of new members and a huge number of additions to our email list…I hope we see all of those folks in the coming months at our regular meetings.

Again, I simply can’t list everyone, but to all of you who helped from setup on Wednesday, until tear-down on Sunday, this show would not be possible without your generous support!

April Meeting
Linda Wilhelm of Woodland Orchids will be making a return visit to tell us more about The Real Miltonias. This promised to be an excellent program on one f our more often overlooked, but excellent orchid families. This is sure to be a great primer on their background and how to grow them so be sure not to miss the event…IN OUR NEW MEETING LOCATION!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Brett Hopkins
WNCOS President

Consider WNCOS for your next Charitable Donation
WNCOS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, 100% of your donation to the Society is tax deductible. Please consider WNCOS in your charitable giving and help us continue to deliver the highest quality speakers, orchid education, and community outreach so that we can continue to prosper and spread the joy of orchids for many years to come.