May 2015

Hello Everyone,

Meeting Space Reminder
A reminder to those who could not join us last month at our new meeting location, our meeting location has changed. We will now be meeting at the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center at 36 Montford Avenue in Downtown Asheville. The meeting room is on the second floor with stairway and elevator access. It is a great space and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there! (download directions here) (

May Meeting
In the months following our Annual Orchid show we always try to bring a few topics that are particular interest to budding orchid growers who have met us and joined our group following the show…and it’s always a good refresher for our more seasoned growers to learn a few tricks as well. With that in mind Graham Ramsey and Marc Burchette are coming back for another round of orchid basics…this time with a discussion on “What’s Wrong With My Orchid?” If you have an orchid that isn’t exactly thriving under your care, bring it in and have the experts give you a hand in turning it around before it’s too late!

I’ll will apologize for the very short nature of this Newsletter. I am writing it from vacation in Scotland where I am overlooking some of the most stunning scenery one could ever hope to see…and I’d prefer to be out enjoying a walk on the (very cold) beach at the base of the mountains! Before I go, however, I wanted to leave you with a picture (above) of one of Scotland’s native orchids, Dactylorhiza purpurella. While we all tend to focus our energies in exotic orchids from more tropical climes, I provide this as a reminder that there are orchids all around us, regardless of where on Earth we are, and if you’re willing to go out and search for them you will be highly rewarded! Our home of North Carolina, for example, is home to over 150 species of native orchids! Unfortunately I was about 2-3 weeks early to catch these in bloom…so all I saw while I was out tramping was sheep!

I hope to see all of you the Meeting!

Brett Hopkins
WNCOS President

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